Things You Need to Know About Movies

Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment ever since it was created and there are quite a number of reasons why this came to be. Movies give us a feeling like no other, we are conscious and in a stable mental state but it takes us into new realms of imagination, possibilities, and shared experiences. Watching a movie can be compared to the moments or times in our lives wherein we just lay down in bed thinking about certain possibilities or stories, movies bring these imaginations or dreams to life.


Film making began in the late 19th century when motion picture cameras were invented, which paved way for film production companies to be established. The first motion pictures were only a few minutes long because of the limits of technology during that era, and the first motion pictures were silent because there was no technology available in order to incorporate sound or music score to the movies.


Movies, just like books, music, and science, have quite a number of components for it to work. But three of the most important elements are acting, cinematography, and screenplay. Without actors or actresses, there would be no one to portray the story line of the screenplay, which is why it is a very significant component of a movie. A movie that has great actors and amazing cinematography can still be a flop if the story does not captivate the viewers or movie-watchers. This is the reason why screenplay, which involves dialogues or scripts, is the most important element or component of a movie.


Components or elements of a movie can be adjusted accordingly in order to produce a certain emotion, the adjustment of these components paved way for the creation of the different genres of movies that we now know and love. These genres include horror, comedy, action, romance, and many more. The interplay and mixture of these genres also paved way to create subgenres of movies, notable examples are horror comedies, romantic comedies, action comedies, and so much more.

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