Popular Options for Roof Materials

Installing a new roof isn’t a small decision. Homeowners don’t have to be told how thinking about it over and over is important before going through with the decision. However, in some cases where the need to reinstall is urgent, it’s not a question of whether one needs it or not but when. Roof problems like severely cracked portions require immediate attention. The situation doesn’t afford them the choice.


However, this doesn’t mean that homeowners are left without any choice to make. Choosing what type of roof to install is a great opportunity to redo the house’s visual appeal. The roof is a part of the house that has a significant impact on its curb appeal. It’s not surprising that real estate developers stress the importance of beautiful roof installation as much as an attractive yard. Here are some of the most popular types of roofing installations to choose from.

  1. Metal

The rugged look of coated metal has a distinct look and appeal that some homeowners prefer over the typical tiled look. A streamlined metal roof installation, assuming it has a good layer of coating, can last for decades while maintaining as much of its original look as possible.

  1. Clay

Clay as a roof material will always remain to be one of the ideal options for homeowners who are aiming for a rustic theme for their home. Clay can last a lifetime, which is quite surprising since most people imagine clay to be easily eroded by water. The issue with clay roof is that it puts a lot of stress on the rafters due to its weight.

  1. Wood

Another material for roof that fits a rustic theme is wood. However, wood should be treated properly to make sure that water won’t seep into it, at least not in the first few years. Even if wood is treated properly, using it as a shield for rain and sunlight won’t make it last very long. Regular treatment and eventual replacement after about two decades is to be expected.

  1. Plastic polymer

The rise of plastic polymer as the go-to option for roofing in urban and even rural homes can be attributed to both its resilience and overall cost. The initial cost per area covered is cheaper and the need to maintain it isn’t as frequent as other options. Check out the best roofers in Alpharetta to get a better look at different designs of plastic polymer roof tiles.