Points to Remember When Using Mandibular Advancement Devices

It is a known fact that snoring is a condition wherein the sufferer produces a loud sound while sleeping. This is caused by the vibration within the oral cavity produced due to lack of air passages. Such can be a result of blockages in the airway tissue or problems with the anatomical structure of the oral cavity. Other people also snore because of certain contributing factors like excess weight, medications, alcoholic beverages, and nasal polyps. Many people often think that the only problem with snoring is that it disturbs the people sleeping next to the sufferer. However, snoring also has complications.


With such in regard, it is important that sufferers try to manage their snoring problems. The good thing nowadays is that sufferers no longer have to undergo invasive snoring solutions. That is because of the fact that there are already anti-snoring devices that they can just simply use while sleeping. They are the so-called mouthpieces or mandibular advancement devices (MAD). As the name implies, they are specially designed mouthpieces that are designed to fit the user’s specific mouth size. However, in order to prevent choking and other problems, users should remember some important things.


People who have dentures, crowns, bridges, and other removable dental appliances should make sure that they bite the MAD appliance that they are using. Through such, they are assured that both the MAD and the denture will stay in place. Nevertheless, there are certain MAD manufacturers that have devices that can be worn when the sufferer has other dental appliances. Beginning MAD users should also expect that they will be experiencing certain discomforts, at times a little pain, when they start using the appliance. That is because of the fact that the device will be pushing the mandible forward. However, such can only be felt for a maximum of five or seven days.


In addition, MAD users should also make sure that they clean their devices every after use. At times, even before use if they want to. The good thing is that most MADs can simply be cleaned with the use of toothpaste and a toothbrush. Others, however, require special cleaning solutions. It should also be remembered that the amount of time spent on cleaning the device will depend on the design or structure of the product. There are devices with lots of crannies and nooks. They are the ones that require much cleaning time.


Snorers should also remember that their MADs also have a so-called “lifespan”. Thus, for hygienic and safety purposes, they should make sure that they replace them as soon as it is needed. Most of these appliances can last from six to twelve months. That will depend on the product’s material and quality. Likewise, people who also grind their teeth while sleeping should expect that their MAD appliances will more likely wear out faster. In addition, people who need a MAD appliance should make sure that they buy safe ones. In order to do so, they can read detailed reviews and testimonials like the ones found at http://www.stopsnoringresources.com/ zquiet-reviews/.