Everything About Hinges

Little things that don’t look important are often ignored and among them are the hinges. Small as they are, they have a lot of contributions to many structures and tools that we are using these days. Doors and windows can’t be constructed without them. Even the doors on cars, household cabinets and laptop computers won’t open and close without them. Since they are this important, it pays to know them more. Here are some of the most commonly used types of hinges:


Butt Hinges

Designed for cabinets, they are non-adjustable. You can buy them in sizes 13mm to 150mm.

Butterfly Hinges

You can find them on light doors and windows. They also look more appealing than butt hinges.

Flush Hinges

They are not as robust as butt hinges but they will not require recesses on doors when used.

Barrel Hinges

These are 2 part hinges. Hence, it is easier to lift doors away from the frames. So, there’s no need to unscrew them first.

Concealed Hinges

They are common in MDF furniture like kitchen cabinets and are designed to be hidden from view.

Piano Hinges

They come in different lengths with steel metals or brass as materials. They are valuable for desk counters.

Pivot Hinges

They are used on the door frame’s top as well as on the floor. You can find these on ancient dry stone houses.

Flag Hinges

They can be separated from each other by getting the pin from one of its leaf. They come in left hand and right hand configurations.

What to Choose

Remember to always purchases hinges that will meet your construction’s requirements. If this will be used for heavy items, do not opt for lightweight hinges since the fixture will surely fall off. There may also be times when you need a lot of hinges to do the job, even more than 2 of them. There are also applications that need a specific style of hinge. And when hinges are meant for outdoor use, they have to be painted first for make them rust resistant.

Care Tips

Oiling hinges is important to prevent them from creating squeaking sounds. Cover them up as well if you will be painting. Secure them well by tightening their screws and make sure to only use hinges that fits the structure well.

Where to Buy

It pays to get hinges from reliable sources only. If you want to get the ones with the best quality, get it from The Spearhead Collection. When it comes to ironmongery, they are the best.