Best Smartphone Accessorize

Owning a smartphone is not enough to impress your friends as owning a smartphone has become a very commonplace thing. In order to genuinely impress your friends, you must own the latest gadgets and accessories. You smartphone accessories will define your tech quotient to a large extent and hence you must choose the best and most useful accessories. Choosing the accessories may be difficult for you and hence this article will help you in selecting only the best accessories for your smartphone. There are a range of accessories available for your smartphone and allow us to introduce you to few of the smartest smart phone apps.


Smartphone cameras have travelled a long distance. Earliest smartphone cameras only had VGA configuration which limited their use. However, modern cell phone cameras can beat any good DSLR camera. They have optical zoon, flash light, sensitive exposure and all other features that a SLR camera has. This is the reason why more and more people are choosing to carry a good smartphone over digital cameras. Smart phone serves dual purpose of storage and shoot device and thus are ergonomically much more useful. However, as is the case with any cell camera, you will need an image stabilizer to click a good photograph. You can find the best smartphone stabilizers at any of the retail website such as the amazon.

Bluetooth headphones are another accessory which makes you look very cool. Bluetooth headphones have become order of the day as audio cables have become a thing of the history. In fact the latest apple iPhone 7 series does not have an audio jack. This means that you can only listen on a Bluetooth speaker. We have heard from credible sources that even Samsung is planning to give audio jacks a miss on its next version of Galaxy smartphones. Other Smartphone makers will definitely follow the suite.

Portable mobile power banks have also become order of the day. As the number of features in modern day high end smartphones increases, their battery life is talking a hit. The more features your phone has the lesser battery life it will have.  A portable battery life is the answer to your batter drain related situations. Nowadays, power banks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The high end battery banks boost of more than 5200 MAH capacity. This means that you can charge your mobile phone twice over.